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Mortimer Law Firm represents people and companies who come under investigation or who have been charged in White-Collar crimes. It is crucial if you are charged with a criminal issue to get in touch with a specialized Criminal Defense Attorney such as the Mortimer Law Firm.

Please call us immediately or email us at if you are the subject of a Federal, State, or Grand Jury Investigation or received a subpoena asking to be a witness.

State of Michigan Crimes.

Insurance Fraud

Commercial Bribing

Bribery of Labor Official

Fraud in Insolvency

Scams Involving a Protection Interest

Fraudulent Disposition of Mortgaged Property

Deceitful Personality of Property Based on a Conditional Sales Contract

Issuing a Bad Check

False Advertising

Unlawful Collection Practices

Making a False Statement of Credit Terms

Lawbreaking Possession of Forgery Devices

Falsifying Business Records

Tampering with Public Records

Offering a False Certificate

Offering a False Financial Statement

Grand Larceny

Petit Larceny

Scheme to Defraud

Theft of Services

Illegal Use of a Credit Card

Criminal Possession of Stolen Property

Trademark Counterfeiting


Federal Level Crimes.

Identity Theft

Money Laundering






RICO Violations

Tax Fraud


Making a False Statement to a Federal Official

Mail Fraud

Wire Fraud

Credit Card Fraud

Health Care Fraud

Immigration Fraud

Bank Fraud

Securities Fraud

Accounting Fraud

Insurance Fraud

White-Collar Crime typically refers to an offense that does not involve the use of force or violence. Most typically, it is a term to describe criminal activities allegedly committed by business people that involve theft, fraud, or various other ways to illegally obtain finances or property. Frequently, these issues are complicated and the investigations can take more than a year’s time.

Government investigations and enforcement activities including criminal and civil infractions increase each year. The Attorney General’s Office has greatly broadened the number and scope of examinations and prosecutions involving allegedly improper company practices. In this complex area of law, having a skilled lawyer who understands the intricacies of these issues and knows the law is crucial. If you are accused of any crimes in Northern Michigan, our offices are in Petoskey, Alpena, or surrounding areas. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today for a legal consultation.