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Social Security Disability Northern Michigan

How to Apply for Disability in Northern Michigan

If you were hurt in an accident or believe you are unable to work, it is important to see a doctor and contact an experienced Social Security Disability Attorney.  Mortimer Law Firm is an experienced Law Firm specializing in Social Security Disability Cases in Michigan.  Attorney Rory Mortimer and his team of legal professionals are experienced in many different types of Social Security Disability cases ranging from mental disorders to physical impairments.  Mortimer Law Firm provides professional legal services for SSI Disability clients in Northern Michigan.

Medical Documentation for Michigan Social Security

Medical Documentation, Medical Reports and Prescriptions are important to build a strong case.  If you believe you have any mental or physical disorders that hinder your work performance or make you disabled to work, it is important to see a doctor.  Doctors will be able to diagnose the patients mental or physical disabilities.  The Medical Evaluation and treatment from the Doctor can be used in the presentation of your case.  The Social Security Disability Lawyer in Northern Michigan will use the medical documentation and other facts to build a strong case to present to the Social Security Administration.


Examples of Disabilities:

– Cancer

– Chronic Fatigue

– Depression

– Diabetes

– Fibromyalgia

– Asthma

– Back Pain

– Bi-Polar Disorder

– Brain Injuries

– Heart Disease

– Mental Illness

– MS

– Stroke

Social Security Disability Northern Michigan Neurological Disorders

When many individuals in Northern Michigan think of people declaring impairment advantages, they likely think of individuals who have a physical condition or injury that prevents them from working. There are, nonetheless, many people in Northern Michigan who are incapable to work because of a handful of neurological disorders, consisting of significant depression. Significant depression is likewise known as clinical depression or major depressive disorder and it can seriously affect a person’s capability to work, so much so that she or he need to make an application for Social Security disability insurance benefits.

Major depressive disorder isn’t always long-term and can contain sporadic episodes of depression throughout that individual’s life. If your depression is severe enough to disable you from working, contact a handicap benefits attorney to resolve what will be essential to successfully apply for perks.

One of the pieces of evidence that the Social Security Administration in Michigan could start to require is a blood test that will assist to identify individuals with depression. The blood test is known as the MDDScore, enables an individual’s body chemicals to be measured and made use of within a mathematical equation to come up with a rating that will indicate whether the individual has major depressive disorder.

Even if the test is not required when applying for Social Security disability insurance advantages, it may be a vital piece of supporting proof. Unlike the more traditional interview-based diagnosis, this test is biological and is unbiased. Eventually, nevertheless, a handicap perks lawyer can help to determine what proof will be crucial in producing a successful application.

Mental Disorders and Social Security Disability in Northern Michigan

ID-10076341“Mental disorders” and “mental illness” are very broad terms that can represent many different illnesses of the mind.  Individuals who suffer from mental disorders in Northern Michigan could be approved for Social Security Disability benefits if the disorder is considered “disabling.”  Keep in mind it is harder to collect disability for mental disorders than for physical disorders.  The Michigan Social Security Administration (SSA) doesn’t always understand the severity of mental illnesses and the impact it has on the individual’s life.  Individuals who want to collect disability for mental disorders would benefit from treatment with doctors and using lawyers to help them get the benefits they deserve.

Why do Mental Disorder claims get Denied in Northern Michigan?

  • Lack of supporting evidence of disability such as doctor synopsis
  • Lack of Mental Health Records
  • Not taking Prescribed Medications
  • Inability to show supporting evidence of a Mental Disorder

Medical Documentation for Mental Disorders

If you are an individual with a mental illness in Michigan or think you may have a mental illness it is important to meet regularly with a mental health professional.  To build a strong case proper medical documentation is needed such as mental health history, mental exams, psychological testing and prescription information. Your lawyer can send reports for your mental health professional to complete that helps prove your case.

Northern Michigan Social Security Disability Attorneys

If you are diagnosed with a mental condition and believe you are disabled to work, it is important to talk to a Social Security Disability Attorney.  Social Security Disability Attorneys gather information to help clients receive disability benefits by proving to the SSA their client is disabled and unable to work.  Michigan Disability Attorneys have experience helping clients receive the benefits they deserve. Attorney’s and their professional team help build a strong case to present to the Social Security Administration.

Examples of Mental Illnesses

General Disorders



-Bipolar Disorder


-Panic Disorder


-Panic Disorder

-Post traumatic Stress Disorder

-Seasonal Affective Disorder

-Social Phobia

Sleep Disorders


-Sleep Terror Disorder


-Alzheimer’s Disease

Personality Disorders

-Schizoid Disorder

-Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

-Histrionic Personality Disorder

-Borderline Personality Disorder

-Antisocial Personality Disorder

-Narcissistic Personality Disorder

What is Considered a Disability in Michigan?

To be considered under Social Security in Northern Michigan you need to have a medical condition that will last for 12 months or longer and prevent you from working in any capacity. Social Security Disability is considered long term disability and does not provide benefits for short term disability. Additionally, Social Security does not award partial disability like the Veteran’s Administration; under Social Security you are either 100% disabled or you are not.

In addition to the medical requirements for Social Security Disability you need to have worked in jobs that pay the taxes for a minimum of 5 of the last 10 years prior to the onset of your disability to be insured under Social Security. Even if you are not currently insured for Social Security Disability you may still qualify if you meet the insured status requirements prior to when you became disabled. For younger workers Social Security does make some adjustments to the 5/10 rule.