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Power of Attorney Alpena, MI and Petoskey, MI

Power of Attorney Alpena, MI and Petoskey, MI

What is Power of Attorney?

A Power of Attorney is a document an individual signs to give a loved one or family member legal authority to represent them after they can no longer make decisions. 

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At the law office of Mortimer Law Firm, we offer a broad range of estate planning and senior law services for individuals throughout Northern Michigan.  Some of our services consists of:  Estate Planning, Elderly Law, Long Term Planning and Wills & Trusts.  Our Law Offices are located in Alpena, MI and Petoskey, MI.

Types of Power of Attorney

Durable Power of Attorney

A Durable Power of Attorney in Michigan permits an agent to make financial and medical decisions for an individual who has become debilitated and disabled to make intelligent decisions on their own.  One important reason Mortimer Law Firm recommends individuals Durable Power of Attorney documents is that you can chose an individual you trust to take care of your financial and medical decisions in the case that you are injured or sick and unable to make decisions on your own

Financial Power of Attorney (General Power of Attorney)

 In Michigan a Financial Power of Attorney/General Power of Attorney gives an agent the authority to manage financial portfolios, real estate property and business ventures of an individual.  The agent who is assigned by a General Power of Attorney Document is able to withdraw funds, cash checks, trade stocks and pay bills on behalf of the individual. Financial Power of Attorneys are considered “durable” unless stated other in the document.

Limited Power of Attorney

A Limited Power of Attorney or Special Power of Attorney in Michigan grants an agent the legal authority to carry out specific tasks on an individual’s behalf.  The document can be drawn up by a lawyer to grant the agent specific duties on an individual’s behalf and not give that individual full control over an individual’s finances.  For example a Limited Power of Attorney could give an agent the ability to trade an individual’s stocks but not allow the agent to cash checks for the individual.

How do I create a Power of Attorney in Michigan?

Any adult 18+ years of age can create a Power of Attorney by seeing a lawyer to tailor a professional document for that individual.  The individual has to supply the information on who they would like to assign as their Power of Attorney (agent) and state the duties they would like the agent to be able to carry out for the individual.  The Attorney will prepare the document and it should be notarized.

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