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Michigan Social Security and SSI Disability

How to Apply for Disability in Michigan

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If you were hurt in an accident or believe you are unable to work, it is important to see a doctor and contact an experienced Social Security Disability Attorney.  Mortimer Law Firm is an experienced Law Firm specializing in Social Security Disability Cases in Michigan.  Attorney Rory Mortimer and his team of legal professionals are experienced in many different types of Social Security Disability cases ranging from mental disorders to physical impairments.  Mortimer Law Firm offers free consultations for SSI Disability clients in Michigan.

Medical Documentation for Michigan Social Security

Medical Documentation, Medical Reports and Prescriptions are important to build a strong case.  If you believe you have any mental or physical disorders that hinder your work performance or make you disabled to work, it is important to see a doctor.  Doctors will be able to diagnose the patients mental or physical disabilities.  The Medical Evaluation and treatment from the Doctor can be used in the presentation of your case.  The Social Security Disability Lawyer will use the medical documentation and other facts to build a strong case to present to the Social Security Administration in Michigan.

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Examples of Disabilities:

– Cancer

– Chronic Fatigue

– Depression

– Diabetes

– Fibromyalgia

– Asthma

– Back Pain

– Bi-Polar Disorder

– Brain Injuries

– Heart Disease

– Mental Illness

– MS

– Stroke

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