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ID-100145425Filing a Successful Michigan Social Security Disability Claim

Applying for disability benefits due to work performance impairment can be a complicated and frustrating procedure for individuals seeking Social Security Disability.  Hiring aSocial Security Disability (SSD) lawyer in Michigan to assist you with the initial application and beyond is a good decision.

Social Security Disability lawyers will answer your Social Security Disability questions, gather needed medical evidence,  and provide professional representation at your disability hearing. Without an experienced Social Security lawyer in your corner, application for benefits can be a daunting task for those trying to acquire to acquire Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI).  The Social Security Administration has tightened its requirements for applicants applying for benefits, making it much more difficult for deserving claimants to receive benefits.  Half as many claimants are successful in receiving benefits over claimants from just a few years ago.

Medical Records & Evidence of a Disability

Supplying appropriate medical evaluation evidence, prescriptions and lab reports to Social Security is essential to building your successful case.   Without competent and material medical records that support the requirements of your listing or exertional limitations which constitute your impairment, which prevents you from doing substantial gainful employment, the Social Security Administration (SSA) has inadequate evidence to make a favorable finding in your case. Supplemental reports and forms supplied by your attorney for your medical providers and doctor’s for their completion are vital to a favorable disability decision.  Obtaining medical evidence from your medical professionals can supply the evidence needed to satisfy a listing (recipe for proving a recognized impairment of disability) or meet an exertional limitation that qualifies you for benefits.  The listing is essentially a directory of selected medical conditions, both physical and mental, for which SSA has provided specific approval criteria. Meeting the criteria for one of these impairments is difficult because, to do so, it requires that very specific proof be contained in your record of medical treatment. Most claimants who are approved will not be approved under the listing, but on exertional limitations preventing the claimant from completing his/her work related tasks. Greater number of deserving cases is being denied since 2012 and the trend for favorable decisions is decreasing for younger workers in particular.  Mortimer Law Firm can help level the playing field and position you for success.

Professional Legal Support at the Hearing Level

The process of applying for SSD (Social Security Disability) usually takes 8-14 months.   Waiting times can be longer if there is a need to appeal a challenged decision.  Having a social security attorney is incredibly vital at the hearing and appeals levels.  However, the advantages of having a lawyer assist you in gathering the proper medical records and seeing competent medical providers to substantiate your claims often is the difference between winning and losing. All too often claimants come into our office for assistance on the eve of their hearings, most times they are without the adequate evidence they need to meet a listing or prove their case.  By not seeing an attorney early enough in the claims process means that the claimant will not see the specialist or medical provider needed to prove his/her case or complete their medical tests or procedures for the completion of  reports and other medical evidence needed to prove their disability.  These claimants are deserving of benefits, but are unable to prove their case with competent medical evidence for lack of direction.  Not knowing what to do, they fail to get ready for the hearing and never receive their back pay and monthly benefits amounting to thousands of dollars for lack of proof.  Also, Social Security Disability Attorneys can provide insight and direction to the Administrative Law Judge in their decision making process with memorandums of law and good lawyering at your hearing.


Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are two sorts of programs available to people who can no longer work due to exertional limitations or impairments that prevent the claimant from engaging in substantial gainful activity.  Both programs supply monthly financial assistance, but vary in their amounts and demands for eligibility. The SSA assesses the claimant’s impediments to work and work history of claimants planning to acquire SSDI.  On the other hand, people getting SSI are approved or denied based on their impairments and their limited resources, allowing claimants benefits with only basic possessions and a home.  SSI is a needs based program intending to help people in financial need.  SSDI is an insurance program funded with social security withholdings and insured workers who have paid into the plan are allowed benefits if they are disabled and unable to do substantial gainful activity.