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Elder Law Attorney Petoskey MI

Rory Mortimer is an Elder Law Attorney in Petoskey Michigan specializing in:  Estate Planning, Living Wills, Power of Attorneys, Social Security Retirement Planning and more.


Why is Elder Law Important?

As the ordinary life expectancy continues to increase, so does the need for Elder law. This special area of law concentrates on satisfying the goals of older individuals and their families. State and federal laws are complicated; legal issues affecting the elderly and the handicapped are difficult to deal with alone.

Our specially trained and professional lawyers and staff are here to assist.  We have attorneys in Alpena and Petoskey, Michigan who specialize in Elder Law and Estate Planning.


Elder Law Attorney Petoskey MI

Living Wills and Power of Attorney in Petoskey, MI

Wills and Trusts

A Trust is a legal arrangement in which the grantor transfers legal title of property to a trustee to hold and manage for its beneficiaries.  If the grantor is worried that he or she may lose the ability to manage his/her finances, the grantor could transfer legal title to a trustee.  The individual known as the trustee is given the legal right to manage the home and other assets, regardless of the proficiency of the grantor.

A Trust has lots of prospective benefits. It can address distinct family issues, offer tax breaks, and protect possessions for family members.  An additional advantage of a Trust, especially as compared to a Guardianship, is its versatility.

Generally, there are two kinds of Trusts:  Living Trusts and Testamentary Trusts.  A Living Trust is established while you are living. If revocable, you can alter it. If irrevocable, you cannot change it. A Testamentary Trust is established in your will. The Trust becomes irrevocable upon your death.  An Elder Law Attorney in Petoskey MI can help you with trusts and elder planning.

Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney in Petoskey, MI is a document a person signs to give someone they love the legal authority to represent them after they can no longer make decisions.

A Durable Power of Attorney is a document a person signs to give someone they trust the authority to help make decisions for them even if they can no longer make sound decisions. A durable power of attorney does not fail for the incompetency of the principal.

Elder Law Attorney Petoskey MI Information:

Protection of Family Assets

  • Protect your current assets with a customized asset protection program integrated with an estate plan.  It is important for individuals to have asset protection from creditors and/or possible lawsuits.

Long Term Care, Assisted Living & Nursing Home Elder Law Northern Michigan

  • If you and/or your loved one is mistreated in assisted living homes, nursing homes, healthcare setting etc. contact us today.  Our team of Northern Michigan attorneys have experience dealing with cases of mistreatment, negligence and wrongful death.

Handicap & Special Needs Trusts

  • Individuals with certain disabilities and chronic illnesses can have assets held in a special needs trust.

Two Types of Special Needs Trusts in Michigan:

  • First Party Trust (“Self Settled”) is when the assets are funded by the beneficiary and/or assets
  • Third Party Trusts is when assets are funded from an individual(s) other than the beneficiary and their spouse.

Medicaid Planning Elder Law Petoskey, MI

Mortimer Law Firm consults clients in medicaid in regards to planning, applying, asset and estate protection.

Our team can help you pursue benefits owed to you through Medicare, Medicaid and the VA (Veterans Administration).

Our Attorney’s consult clients on the best way to use trusts, transfer assets, applying to Medicaid etc.

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Petoskey Michigan Elderly Law Services:

  • Long Term Care, Assisted Living & Nursing Home Issues
  • Medicare and Paying for Health Care
  • Protection of Family Assets from creditors and avoidable taxation
  • Living Wills and Power of Attorneys
  • Social Security and Retirement Planning
  • Guardianships and Conservatorships
  • Medicaid Planning & Assistance in the application process
  • Handicap Planning
  • Long Term Care