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DUI Lawyer, OWI Lawyer in Petoskey, MI and Alpena, MI

Rory Mortimer is an experienced OWI Lawyer in Alpena, MI with over 28 years of law experience.  Alpena AttorneyMortimer Law Firm has 2 OWI Attorney Offices in Petoskey, MI and Alpena, MI (Emmet County, Alpena County) to serve clients throughout Northern Michigan.   Rory Mortimer and his OWI law team has experience helping many clients as their trusted DUI Attorney.  If you have been accused of OWI, Drunk Driving, DUI contact Mortimer Law Firm today for a free consultation at (989)358-2100.


I Have Been Charged with a DUI/OWI, Now What?

DUI Lawyer PetoskeyBeing arrested for driving under the influence in Northern Michigan can be a frightening experience. OWI costs/fines can have a drastic effect on an individual’s financial situation and License penalties can affect a person’s work situation.  If you are arrested for DUI in Michigan you will be arraigned, where the court educates you of the penalties you face. Next, a pre-trial conference will be arranged to discuss your situation with the district attorney.

What are some consequences of an OWI in Michigan?

  • Significant fees
  • Drivers License Revoked or Suspended
  • Denial of Car Insurance or higher Car Insurance Fees
  • Possible jail time

What can a DUI Lawyer do for me?

Michigan DUI lawyers with Mortimer Law Firm concentrate on DUI and criminal traffic matters. Experienced DUI lawyers examine all aspects of your case and work with clients to build a strong case. This involves an evaluation of sobriety tests, BAC tests and other specific details about the incident that could help the client’s case. A DUI is committed primarily by people who are respectable residents who have actually never ever been in problem prior to and have no previous criminal record. These people often feel as though they slipped up and that the “system” will comprehend this, and that they will get the minimum penalties and therefore do not should invest the cash on a DUI attorney in Michigan.  DUI Attorneys can help defend your driving privileges and rights.

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Conclusion Criminal Defense and OWI Defense in Northern Michigan

Call Mortimer Law today if you are dealing with OWI charges in Northern Michigan.  Our experienced Law Firm is located in the Alpena MI and Petoskey MI.  Feel free to contact us at or at (989)358-2100. Your consultation will be free of charge.