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Northern Michigan Drug Trafficking Defense lawyer

If you have been charged with trafficking illegal drugs, you could be facing fines and a long jail sentence. State and Federal laws designate major penalties to those guilty of illegal drug trafficking. An experienced attorney is needed when seeking the best possible outcomes.

Mortimer Law Firm is well known in Northern Michigan for being professional, helpful and experienced. Our attorneys provide a results-oriented defense to individuals charged with trafficking drugs and various other criminal activities.

Drug Trafficking Conviction Information

The charges for a drug trafficking conviction can be severe:  prison time, fines, and probation etc. Also, additional charges involving a weapon or a resulting death can significantly increase the charges. Furthermore, the following play a component in determining the repercussions of a trafficking conviction: Class and amount of Drug, Criminal Record and whether the crime is considered state or federal.

In every case, Mortimer Law Firm aims to protect a client’s Constitutional rights by working towards the best result for you. Mortimer Law Firm has two locations in Northern with lawyers who are committed to providing compassion and service to clients charged with illegal distribution of these following drugs: Marijuana (THC), Cocaine, Crack, Methamphetamines (Crystal Meth), Heroin etc.

If you have been accused of selling drugs, transporting drugs or trafficking drugs in Northern Michigan, call us today for a consultation at our: Alpena Law Office (989)358-2100 or our Petoskey Law Office at (231)487-1201.  Mortimer Law Firm has experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys interested in guarding your rights.