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Social Security Disability and Working

ID-100202688Social Security Disability benefits are usually given to individuals who can no longer support themselves by working, due to a physical or mental handicap.  Many individuals believe they can only receive disability benefits if they are debilitated to the point where they cannot physically work. Individuals who collect SSD benefits are sometimes still able to work (part-time).  In some cases individuals who receive social security disability benefits are able to go back to work. 

Each disability case is different and the outcomes of the cases are judged by the SSA on a specific basis. There are specific guidelines that allow some people to collect disability benefits and return to their previous job.  The trial work period is when the individual with a disability can attempt to work their job. This is a momentary basis in which the individual will be examined to determine if they can continue performing the responsibilities of the job.  The trial period for receiving Social Security Disability and working is 9 months.

Benefits vary based upon Age

Month-to-month income has to be a certain amount for the trial period.  During a period of 9 months, the disabled individual will continue to receive complete benefits on top of what they earn at their job.  After the 9 month trial has actually ended, a safeguard can continue that enables another three years of risk complimentary work. If an individual is younger than retirement age (66 yrs old) and earns a decent income their monthly benefits will be reduced. When that individual reaches retirement age, their benefits will be increased.