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Benefits of SSD (Social Security Disability) Attorney vs. Non-Attorney Disability Representatives

Applying for SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) is a lengthy process. Currently there is an estimated amount of more than a million individuals, waiting for the sanction of their reward.

Many applicants do not realize that SSDI process can take 3 to 4 years in some cases. In certain instances cases are clear-cut due to certain disabilities, many other cases move slowly through the process because of unclear answers or incomplete details.

Once denied, some SSD applicants look for the representation from a non-lawyer SSD Representative. Some of these non-lawyer SSD Representative can be out of state and provide unsatisfactory results due to their lack of knowledge and expertise in the field. Clients using out of state Representation have to understand that some of these companies will not have a representative show up to the hearing for their client.

Selecting a professional SSD Lawyer can aid you in navigating the overall system more precisely with better overall law advice and results.

Benefits of SSD Attorney (Lawyer) vs (Non-Lawyer SSD Rep) Disability Advocate

Lawyers who practice Social Security Disability law are experts whom are trained to provide the best information and provide the best chance of receiving Social Security benefits.

Many SSD applicants look for the assistance of lawyers (law firms) after the primary SSD application benefits have denied. If you want to avoid delay, it is advised to hire a lawyer at the earliest stage possible for your SSD application process. It is beneficial even if you have already been entitled to Non-Attorney Disability Representative.

SSD lawyers can work with individuals to aid them in filing the Request for Reconsideration and provide representation for their clients at their hearing with the Administrative Law Judge.

If a disability claim is denied a disability Lawyer can represent SSD client’s cases before they go to the Social Security Appeals Council.

The SSA (Social Security Administration) allow out of state Representatives without a law degree and limited experience handling disability claims represent their clients. These Disability Representative with out a law degree usually charge the same amount as attorneys.

Hence, it is highly recommended to hire a licensed lawyer who is capable of understanding every law thoroughly. The expert knowledge let them represent their clients at every level of the appeals process and build strong cases.

No matter your decision, you must inform the Social Security Administration if you decide to hire a representative or an attorney at least sixty days before your hearing process.

Why Hire a Disability Attorney?

Studies find that applicants who seek help from a lawyer receive benefits at a higher rate than self representation and/or non-attorney representation.

Examples on how a Disability Attorney will build your case:

  • Acquire an opinion of physicians on your condition

  • Gather accurate medical records

  • Assess and analyze medical records

  • Coach SSD applicants on possible questions asked by an administrative law judge

  • Ask strategic questions during the SSD hearings which can increase chances of individuals being granted SSD benefits.