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Arbitration is the use of an independent third party to settle disagreements between two parties. The third party needs to be agreed upon by both sides. Contracts commonly include arbitration clauses that chose an arbitrator beforehand.

Breach of Contract is the failure by a party in an agreement to support their part of the deal. A breach of contract can make the entire agreement void and result in damages against the party in breach

Conditions are the basis of a contract. If a condition is not met, the agreement is automatically terminated. A breach of a term to a contract on the other hand constitutes a breach which entitles the party damaged for his losses.
A Non-Disclosure Agreement is an agreement made to protect confidential information. This frequently occurs during the negotiations of a contract, when the parties disclose information to each other that needs protection from disclosure.

Employment agreement is a contract in between the employer and employee for the employee to begin work.

Joint and Several Liability is where the parties in a contract are responsible for the entire contract, but each party is also responsible for the entire contract as well. This means a creditor could recover an entire debt from all the parties in the agreement or go after one party for the entire debt.

Joint Investing is a contract between two or more parties in a business venture. The specific shares and responsibilities will be set out in a Joint Venture Agreement

Limited Liability is where the owner of a business has liability limited to pay the financial obligations no greater than his investment in the business.

Liquidation is when a business by sells of its assets to pay the debt owed by creditors

Trademark is a legally binding document that protects a company’s intellectual property, name, or logo