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Attorney Alpena Michigan

Attorney Alpena MI

Alpena AttorneyRory Mortimer is an attorney in Alpena MI with over 28 years of law experience.  Mortimer Law Firm, PLC provides legal services in Northern Michigan with offices in Alpena Michigan and  Petoskey Michigan.  Mortimer Law Firm, PLC specializes in: Social Security Disability, Criminal Law, Estate Planning, Elder Law and Bankruptcy.  For your legal needs in Northern Michigan give Mortimer Law Firm a call or stop by and talk to our Attorney in Alpena MI or Petoskey MI.

Rory Mortimer and his team of Attorneys in Alpena, MI are dedicated to solve your problems. Our first consultation is Free of charge and you can setup an appointment by calling (989) 358-2100.

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Some of the Services our Legal Team Provides:

Social Security Disability Attorney Alpena MI

To qualify for Social Security, you need to have a medical condition that will last for 12 months or longer and prevent you from doing substantial gainful activity.  Mortimer Law Firm has Social Security Disability Specialists in Alpena MI and Petoskey MI to help get individuals with disabilities the benefits they deserve.

Criminal Law Attorney Alpena MI

If you were accused of criminal activity in Alpena MI or Northern Michigan call Attorney Rory Mortimer at Mortimer Law Firm (989) 358-2100.  Our staff has an experienced team of attorneys and legal professionals who are dedicated to protecting your rights.

Bankruptcy Attorney Alpena, MI

Mortimer Law Firm represents individuals and businesses in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases in Michigan.  Our Attorneys and staff have extensive experience assisting clients with Bankruptcy matters and are located in Petoskey, MI and Alpena, MI.

Estate Planning Attorney Petoskey, MI

Our attorneys and staff work with people, families and companies in Estate Planning, Trusts, Elder Law, Employee and Social Security Benefits in Michigan.

OWI Attorney Alpena, MI

If you have been charged with an OWI in Michigan it is important to call an attorney to defend your rights.  Attorney Rory Mortimer and his legal team are very experienced with OWI cases in Northern Michigan.

Drug Trafficking Attorney Alpena, MI

If you have been charged with illegal drugs in the state of Michigan call an attorney immediately.  Mortimer Law Firm has offices in Alepna, MI and Petoskey, MI with experienced attorneys regarding drug trafficking laws.

White Collar Crime Attorney Alpena, MI

Mortimer Law Firm has attorneys specialized in defending clients who have been charged with white collar crime such as:  insurance fraud, bribery, bad check, false advertising, larceny, forgery etc.

Expungement Attorney Alpena, MI

A felony record can be devastating to your future and can effect you in the following ways:  getting the job you want, being to accepted to college, disqualify you from college grants and many other opportunities.

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